10 Lies You Were Taught In School


October 17, 2016

20 thoughts on “10 Lies You Were Taught In School

  1. Also, humans ARE apes you dope, the word you wanted to use was monkey. Humans are apes not monkeys. Chimps are apes not monkeys. Gorillas are apes not monkeys. Capuchins are monkeys not apes. Apes are old world species while monkeys are old/new world. The point is you have a phylogenetic ancestor with every creature that ever was or will be.

  2. This about the brain is not true. We DO NOT use it all we could. Through meditation that can be improved. Also, Einstein is a fraud and his relativity will be debunked in the future. He was nothing more than a thief… And btw why don't anyone mention his wife Mileva Maric who actually did his calculations? And I don't know from which wiki page you read all that but Einstein maybe was smart but he was not a prodigy.

    What schools should do is teach less about Einstein and more about Tesla.

  3. Actually your brain doesn't control your heart your heart has its own power source and can work without the brain you have 3 mil subs you'd think that you research these JEEZ

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